The POINT: Large Basket Stud Earrings

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This is a beautiful hand-made ombre stud earring. Made in sterling silver with elements dipped in 18ct Yellow Gold Vermeil. A texture of small holes adds to the design of the earring. The look is solid and striking yet the earring is very light and easy to wear. It sits on the ear. The two tone earring is very versatile as it is both gold and silver.

The size: Approximately 28mm x 27mm

Please allow for a 7-14 day lead time. 

The Basket Collection

The inspiration for this collection comes from textures of weaving and drawings of baskets and kalbassies, vessels and various containers.

An absolute staple in the jewellery box, great for dressing up or down.

A contemporary classic.

The shapes and sizes vary to accommodate different aesthetics. The earrings are individually hand-made and might vary slightly from the image, especially with the nature of the “holes” texture on the earring. This texture makes each earring unique. We believe that it contributes to the character and individuality of the jewel.

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