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We design and manufacture bespoke jewellery for your unique requirements.

For anything jewellery-related you can get in contact with us, but these are some of the things we do…


Engagement rings & wedding rings: a Symbol of LOVE

We design and manufacture the ring and source diamonds or alternative stones.

The process of designing the perfect ring within the budget, sourcing the diamonds or stones and then seeing the face of the bride and groom are priceless. This remains one of the favourite moments in my job – handing over the ring that symbolizes the love and commitment between two people.

It is a privilege to be a part of this intimate ritual.


Family heirlooms: it’s all about sentiment and meaning

The responsibility to redesign family heirlooms, irrelevant of the monetary value, is about understanding the sentimental value that is pivotal to the process.

Be it to give the piece a contemporary edge, redesign it into your style or just to make a slight change to make it yours.


To redesign and remake “unloved” jewellery and turn into pieces you love

Jewellery materials are recyclable. Metal and stones can be reused, redesigned, remade and combined into “new” jewellery – we make it relevant for you for today.



They are called CLASSICS for a reason …This includes what I call the CLASSICS: South Sea pearl earrings, diamond studs, a classic string of pearls. A tanzanite, emerald, sapphire or ruby ring, in platinum or gold. The carat solitaire ring … it is all about the material and proportions. You choose your classics.


Bridal jewellery

Mother of the bride, bridesmaids gifts, gifts for the bride, gifts for the groom.

This can be anything. Think a pair of earrings for the mother of the bride to go with the perfect outfit, the pair of stylish cufflinks as wedding gift to the groom or a pair of exquisite earrings for the bride on her perfect day.


Jewellery as a gift

Jewellery is the perfect gift and generates meaning. It symbolizes, communicates and promises …

It is hopeful and special and the receiver of a beautiful jewel is always in awe of something so small and so valuable. Value not only referring to the monetary value but to the emotion the gift provokes and the memories it creates.

Special occasions such as engagements, weddings, the birth of a child, coming of age, other cultural and religious ceremonies can be celebrated with jewels. The size and scope depends on your needs and budget, but the level of intimacy you will create with a custom-made jewel is priceless. 


Get in touch with us regarding your next Bespoke jewellery piece.
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