Birds & Flies Earrings in Sterling Silver with Cold Enamel in White and BLUE #1

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One of a KIND - Only one available.

A pair of sterling silver stud earrings.

Size: Approximately 35mm x 25mm 


The Walter Battiss Collection

“My art celebrates life, love, freedom.” Walter Battiss

(Walter Battiss: “I invented myself.” The Jack Ginsberg Collection curated by Warren Siebrits, July 2016. )

The Walter Battiss Collection is a collaboration between myself and the Walter Battiss Company (

To me the work of Walter Battiss is a celebration of colour, form, line, concept, technique, creativity and a blend of curiosity and confusion. A balancing act, an artwork within artwork within artwork …

As designer his work created an awakening of my senses. Looking at his work I could not help but see the jewellery pieces appearing. His obsession and exploration of the body is such an interesting and relevant topic to research and take inspiration from when making jewellery that lives on the body.

What a wonderful privilege it is to have access to and be inspired by the original artworks. Originally I focused on a selection of silkscreens because as a technique, in terms of design, I was drawn to the flat panels of single colours and the concept of flat forms or planes of colour building up to become a colourful and complex design. I was also instinctively drawn to the simplicity and beauty of his forms. For me Battiss’s art has a very sophisticated aesthetic that is universally clear. 

Thank you to The Walter Battiss Company for this privilege to work with these artworks and create jewellery within the dialogue of art and design.

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